Law enforcement badges are a symbol of authority. No matter what country in the world I am in, I always know the people who are part of the police or any special groups because of the badges they wear. Somehow, it is an item that helps in the identification of some people. I hear that it is also an important part of the uniform of people in authority that should always be worn during duty. Although there are some people who wear it around and feel like they can own the streets or that they should be able to order others around, the badge is something that should be respected, but that respect should also be earned.

Personnel with Badges

I have seen quite a number of badges in my life, but the most common are the ones that are worn by police officers. In fact, when I think of badges, the first thing that comes to mind are policemen. For most civilians like me, all badges probably look the same. Badges are simply the golden metal plates that are about as large as a palm. Most of these badges are worn on the breast pocket of the uniform, while those of the more special variety are kept hidden until needed. Aside from the police, other people also wear badges. These people include inspectors, private investigators and detectives, and security guards.

Other Uses of Badges

On top of being part of the uniform of these law enforcement personnel, badges are also often used to serve as medals or symbolisms of accomplishments. They can be used as awards in some competition events and can also be worn by the organizers of the event. Badges are a good alternative to identification cards especially if you are handling an event that hosts a large group of people. I have also seen some people who have used small black badges as a remembrance for their recently departed family members.

Law Enforcement Badges for Power

Despite these many uses of the badge, law enforcement personnel are still the ones who use them the most. Whether you are in the army or the navy, you can expect to be given a badge once you are qualified for the post. Because of this, people have also responded to the badge in a respectful way. If you are ever faced with a badge, the best way to handle it is to not argue too much and just listen to why you called the attention of the law enforcement personnel in the first place. Persons of the badge should also use their badges for the right reasons only and not misuse their power.

Serious Law Enforcement Badges

Law Enforcement BadgesAs a child, I have always thought that these badges were cool and that it made any person who wore them cool as well. Because of this, there was a time in my life when I wanted to be a police. However, badges are not all about image. Law enforcement badges give their carrier some power over other people, but it should always be used for the good of the people and not for your own personal needs.