Law enforcement badges are known and recognized worldwide no matter what country you are in. In fact, I don’t know if there is a global association of law enforcement personnel that decided on it, but I think that almost all members of the law enforcement groups wear or carry badges as a sign of their position. Nowadays, when you think about a badge, you are reminded of the man behind it. Whether it is a policeman or a fireman or even private investigators, it is common knowledge that people with badges hold positions of authority and so we as civilians must respect them.

Badges In Its Early Years

The badge was originally used as a symbol and most of the time, it symbolized a person’s achievements as well as the affiliations that a person had. One of the most notable uses of the badge was its use as a token for believers who had successfully gone through their pilgrimages. It was a sign that you had accomplished a feat that not every person has been capable to do. In the same way, if you became a member of the royal army or of any official order, badges were normally given out to members as a sign of their qualification. I think that it is because of these origins that the badge has come to carry with it a sense of authority. This also meant that those who carried badges earned and deserved the respect of other people.

Badges As Accessories

Another popular use of badges dates back to the middle ages when it was used as a form of jewelry or accessory. Badges are commonly made from valuable metals and were molded by experts so that they can take on a desired size and shape. On top of this, badges are also normally engraved with designs or emblems suited to the bearers preference. The most expensive badges were the ones fashioned out from rare material, with some of them even carrying a precious stone or two that heightened its value. Most prominent families in the past would even create badges for their family with some of them going only to the first-born sons as a sign of hierarchy.

The Start Of Law Enforcement Badges

Although the use of badges in the middle ages is very clear and can be seen depicted in most movies today, there was also a time when badges were associated solely with the authority figure of the west, the sheriff. When I think of a badge, the first thing that comes to my mind would be the star-shaped emblem that a sheriff wore. Cowboys are also associated with the badge. It seems to me that the badge was a sign of masculinity, bravery, and of course, authority.

Law Enforcement Badges Today

Law Enforcement BadgesThe use of the badge today is obviously more rampant than it ever was. I see normal police officers wear them, even simple traffic enforcers sometimes have badges. Unlike in the past where only the top man in authority was the only one who wore a badge, now every personnel in law enforcement can wear it. Law enforcement badges are a much more common sight today, but they still carry with them the authority and respect that it has carried throughout history.