I have grown up respecting law enforcement badges and the men and women behind them and thankfully, I have not had to have any direct correspondence with them that involved any type of crime or accident. Badges have always been associated with people of authority and this means that we as civilians should respect them. These men and women who wear badges have protected our security, fought for us during the wars, saved us from terrorism, and provided us with assistance in any case we may be a part of for as long as I can remember. Not all badges are the same, but all of them should be recognized with respect.

Badges Throughout History

When you ask people about badges, the first thing they will probably say are the ones that police officers or security personnel wear. Don’t under-estimate them though, because these security personnel also include special forces such as the CIA and FBI. If we trace back a few more years, the earlier badges that were known by the people were the ones worn by the sheriffs in the earlier days of the states. The star-shaped symbol would be polished until it shown almost like gold, and it would be respected by all and feared by out-laws. In those days, only the sheriff and his deputy or right-hand man probably had the right to carry the badge but now, as long as you are part of the force, you get a badge too.

Respecting Law Enforcement Badges

Although these badges are more rampant nowadays and it is probably not as hard to get one like in the old days, people should still show the respect that it deserves. These people have trained hard and have passed many trials to earn their badges. Even more important than how they got their badges, these law enforcers deserve the respect that comes with the badge because of the things they do everyday. It is because of them that we can sleep soundly at night and not have to worry about our safety.

Law Enforcement Badges And Their Misuse

Badges re generally respected, but I have heard of instances where the use of the badge has been wrongly applied. Some of those people who were given the opportunity to carry badges feel like they can push other people around. It is true that they have authority and that civilians should listen to them because they promote the greater good, but when law enforcements only act tough and push people around to their advantage, their badges are put to shame.

Earning The Respect

Law Enforcement BadgesThe badge is no longer just an ornament or an accessory. People should also stop thinking that it is just a part of the uniform. What we often forget is the fact that these badges deserve our respect because they work for our respect. They should always look out for the safety of all and not of themselves. In fact, there is probably no other profession that has offered the lives of its members for other people than those who wear badges. Be they your every day policemen, firefighters, generals in the army, soldiers on the field, or your simple security guard, we should respect the people behind these law enforcement badges.